Volunteer Job Description and Qualification

Volunteer Driver/Companion Qualifications

  1. Desire and willingness to help senior citizens of DeKalb County.
  2. Ability to provide safe transportation.
  3. Ability to provide an atmosphere of warmth and understanding.
  4. Ability to communicate verbally and provide companionship.
  5. Ability to follow instructions.
  6. Demonstrate punctuality, dependability, kindness, and compassion.
  7. Willingness to contact clients by phone and map out trips when necessary.
  8. Respect confidentiality of clients.
  9. Make personal commitments of time, and honor it.
  10. Attend training and other events as scheduled.

We seek Volunteer Drivers of any race, religious affiliation, or income status, as long as they can meet the requirements of Volunteer Driver/Companions, are responsible, ethical, dependable, and have excellent driving records. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the I CARE, Inc. office at 404-377-2273 or download the volunteer form.