Volunteer Information

Studies show that volunteers who give of their time and energy to assist others, with no expected reward, seem to suffer from far less stress and depression in their lives. They also enjoy many more invigorating moments of self-satisfaction and pride, along with peace and contentment.

We seek Volunteer Drivers of any race, religious affiliation, or income status as long as they can meet Volunteer Driver/Companion requirements. Volunteer Drivers are expected to be responsible, ethical, dependable, and have excellent driving records.

Volunteer Drivers may choose the day(s) and time(s) they drive, and accept or decline any ride.

Potential Volunteer Drivers are asked to visit our office for an interview, meet the staff, and discuss their responsibilities before being accepted as volunteers.

We provide training for all of our Volunteer Drivers and they are informed of their obligation and commitments to serve seniors with courtesy, patience, and kindness.

Our Volunteer Drivers are called “companions” because they provide clients with someone to talk with and provide emotional support.

Volunteer Drivers are the lifeblood of I CARE. We believe we have the very best people, and are pleased that so many have been volunteers since the beginning of the program. We provide volunteer recognition events, but the true rewards of volunteering come from the satisfaction of knowing that what Volunteer Drivers do truly helps others live longer and better lives.

I CARE Volunteer Drivers come from churches, referrals from DeKalb County, United Way, civic groups, and notices published in neighborhood newsletters. We also distribute flyers to recruit volunteers as well. Many Volunteer Drivers are referred by members of the Board of Directors or by other Volunteer Drivers.

People volunteer for many reasons, but most Volunteer Drivers find that giving other people “a lift”, lifts their spirits as well.  Underlying it all is the basic desire to be of service to others. Many of our Volunteer Drivers are retired, and say they wish to “give back to the community.” Others enjoy meeting a variety of people and knowing that they are truly helping others.

It appears that while helping others, Volunteer Drivers help themselves, as well. In many cases, Volunteer Drivers and Senior Clients develop a personal relationship. The letters we receive from our clients are inspiring. Our clients say our Volunteer Drivers perform way beyond their expectations by driving long distances, being prompt and courteous, and providing companionship.